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Because tenants deserve top-notch digital and user-friendly services.
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This is our story

Komu was born out of the founders' shared interest in the real estate sector and their desire to get to the bottom of its problems. What inspires us most about real estate is its dynamic nature and the challenges it faces at the intersection of new technology and digitalisation.
To understand the sector even better, we conducted interviews with over 100 experts in the industry to gain a deeper insight into the dynamics and challenges that lie beneath the surface. This gave us a unique insight into the industry's pain points and reinforced our belief that change was not only necessary, but possible.
Encouraged by these insights, Komu Homes was founded with the mission to help the real estate industry take a big leap forward in digital development. We saw that the challenges facing the industry were actually opportunities - a chance to create something new, effective and revolutionary. That's how Komu was born, starting its journey towards becoming a digital pioneer in the real estate sector.
More than 30 players in the real estate sector rely on our services
We are working to automate real estate processes and make property management more efficient than ever before. At the same time, we take the occupant into account at every stage of the process and provide a modern living experience - by providing sufficient resources to meet the occupant personally by reducing manual tasks.
Digital solutions are here to stay. Now it's time to make the moves.

Meet our team

Komu is an innovative team of ten. Our team has expertise in real estate, software development, and building growth companies.

Roni Lahti
CEO, founder
Elias Örmä
CPO, founder
Elmo Rantala
Customer Service and Sales
Jere Niemi
Design and Software Development
Miisa Metsä
Lasse Tammela
Software Development
Rune Niska
Software Development
Ville Ahokas
Software Development

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Because tenants deserve top-notch digital and user-friendly services.

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