Future property management enhanced by artificial intelligence

Next-generation technical solutions and our expertise ensure predictable returns for the entire lifecycle of your property portfolio.

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We enhance the management of rental properties in Finland
in over 80,000 apartments

Next-generation property management.
Enabled by artificial intelligence.

Property management and operational housing management enhanced by artificial intelligence represent the future, where AI automates and optimizes processes related to housing. AI is capable of managing communication with tenants, coordinating maintenance tasks, and even making decisions in real-time. In practice, this means more efficient management, less manual labor, and better service for residents, thus offering significant added value to both homeowners and tenants.

We offer a comprehensive solution for property management.

We offer a diverse range of property management services that encompass leasing, financial management, property administration, and customer service. We focus on maintaining a high occupancy rate and tenant satisfaction, thereby ensuring the continuous value appreciation of your investment and optimal returns.

Apartment renting

Our goal is a high occupancy rate for apartments, ensuring the return on your property portfolio. We provide a housing rental service that covers marketing, electronic online leasing, housing offers, and tenant selection. Naturally, all of these processes are automated.

Financial management

Our financial management is handled by a reliable partner known in the industry. We provide all the financial services needed for property management, from reporting to fee accounting, efficiently utilizing artificial intelligence.

Property administration

Through quality property administration, we ensure your property assets are well-maintained. Thanks to automation, our property managers can focus on tasks that positively contribute to the development of your properties' value.

Customer service

With our AI-based customer service, residents can receive help with their problems around the clock. Satisfied residents tend to stay in their apartments longer and take better care of them. High tenant satisfaction leads to higher returns.

Top-tier resident experience.
Ease first.

We offer a comprehensive solution for the entire lifecycle of a resident, starting from renting the apartment to the termination of the lease. This allows residents to manage their affairs from a single location without the need for multiple services. We guarantee a seamless and carefree living experience, where all the resident's needs are addressed.

Online apartment leasing

Our online leasing service enables the smooth and efficient renting of apartments directly through our platform. This system offers a comprehensive self-service solution, where the entire leasing process, from application to contract signing, can be handled via online transactions without the need for separate rental applications. This speeds up the leasing process and creates a seamless experience for the resident.

The resident app

The resident app is designed to enhance the living experience of residents by providing them with an easy-to-use platform for managing housing-related matters. Through the app, residents can access customer service, submit maintenance requests, book appointments, track payments, sign up for electricity contracts, receive information about their own consumption, and get updates on events in their apartment community.

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Smart home features

We offer an advanced wireless door phone system, home door locking system, as well as real-time insights into your home's energy consumption and your building's waste recycling. Explore our solutions that not only enhance the safety and comfort of living but also encourage sustainable living practices.

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Finely tuned experience.

Komu Homes offers a refined user experience for every stakeholder in the property, from the owner to the resident.

Our users love us!

Our resident app has an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 35. Below, you can find comments from our residents and clients about the resident app and our other products.

All matters related to the building in one place
Komu app user
Laundry room booking is easy, seems to help with cleanliness too! Really satisfied with this app for these matters!
Komu app user
Simple, easy to use, does its job well and doesn't include anything unnecessary!
Komu app user
Easy bookings, quick communication
Komu app user
I can recommend KomuDoor to others living in apartment buildings!
KomuDoor user
Due to the use of the apartment inspection product, the cleanliness level of apartments in move-out conditions has significantly increased.
Seppo Hakamäki
After the implementation of Komu's move-out product, property managers conducting inspections have noticed a clear trend: Apartments are being left in better condition than before.
Matti Peltola
Property Manager
The value brought by Komu is primarily related to the positive user experience provided to our residents and the fact that it enables us to save time, improve efficiency, and offer better information management to our partners in handling defect and deficiency lists.
Espoon Asunnot

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