We are creating unique tenant experience. Intuitively.

Komu is an all-in-one service that provides a solution for the world-class tenant experience. All of the apartment-related services are easily accessible through a modern user-friendly Komu application. Learn more about how Komu's services can help you to build better long-term resident relationships.

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Meet our customers

Our inspection tool is already used in over 60 000 apartments in Finland!

Three good reasons to choose Komu

Improve your tenant’s living experience

The Komu App is designed to match the customer's needs since we know that a pleasant tenant experience is one of the most important factors in creating a long-term tenant relationship.

Effortless communication between the tenant and the landlord

All the information and services are easily accessible in one platform, creating transparency for both the manager and the tenants!

Integration into the community and systems

Our solution can be integrated into all of the existing systems. Above all, it makes  tenant management smart and easy.


Explore the most essential features

Reach your tenant with customized notifications

Send notifications of different priorities and communicate about important upcoming matters.

Replacement for physical bulletin board
Communicate upcoming renovations and track the progress
Give out tasks
And there is more!
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Reservations for community spaces available in bookings

Tenant is able to book community spaces for own use through the app. The booking is made easy and user-friendly.

All commnity spaces of the neighbourhood
Real-time booking calendar
Payment integration
And there is more!
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Self-service help available 24/7

Tenant is guided to solve arising issues independently with the help of pictures and videos. Chatbot is also available at any time!

Chatbot guides with apartment-related issues with pictures, videos and texts
Send direct messages to tenants
Automated creation of maintenance tickets
And there is more!
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Efficient communication and automated tasks!

Powerful Komu's management tool helps you with property management and completing daily tasks!

Communication with tenant
Home inspections
Defect notifications
Contracts and much more!
And there is more!
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Our achievemens so far

Our products are already widely used in Finland!

55 000+ apartments

In these apartments, inspections are made with KomuAdmin automatically without manual work.

15 000+ reports

Over 15 000 reports are created with KomuAdmin, as well as saved loads of money!

30+ customers

Already over 30 companies are using Komu's products! Join our happy customers' team.

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Join us! Together we can create the world’s best tenant experience!

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Creating unique tenant experience

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