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Bring a new generation of door phone KomuDoor into smart living! KomuDoor is the most cost-effective way on the market to bring security and convenience to your home. A mobile app connected to the doorphone enables remote access control and allows residents to conveniently open doors without getting up from their sofa.

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The KomuDoor system is affordable and secure

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cheaper than its wired peer
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Up to


The KomuDoor door phone system works seamlessly with the resident app.
Residents can easily and safely check who is at the door via video call.
The app makes it easy to open the door - without getting up from your couch!

Tailor KomuDoor to your needs

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7" touch screen
RFID and QR code reader
Personalisation of the screen space
Door code
Available with LTE module
PIN code keypad
RFID reader
Door code
PIN code keypad
RFID reader
Door code
Up to a five-button doorbell
RFID reader
One-button doorbell
RFID reader
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Frequently asked questions

How durable is the doorphone?
The doorbell is protected against dust and moisture with IP65 rating. The doorbell is protected against vandalism by IK 7-8.
What is the warranty on the door phone?
The door phone comes with a two (2) year warranty. If you wish to extend the warranty period, we will be happy to offer an extended warranty separately.
What is required to install a door phone?
A door phone requires both internet and power. The easiest way to install is via a PoE connection.
Does a housing association need its own broadband?
Installation is much easier if the housing association has its own broadband. However, if this is not the case, the internet can easily be brought to the doorstep with a separate router.
The door phone is broken, what do I do?
Contact us directly at help@komuhomes.com and we will look at the situation together.
How much does the door phone cost?
We always make an offer item by item. You can request a quote directly by contacting santeri@komuhomes.com.
How much does it cost to install the door phone?
The price of installing a door phone is determined by the complexity of the site. However, compared to a wired door phone, the installation costs only a fraction.
Is it possible to have a separate answering device for the door phone alongside the app?
It is possible. We offer touchscreen answering boxes with PoE connection and Wi-Fi capability. The only requirement for these to work is an internet connection in the apartment.
How fast of internet does the door phone need?
It would be good if the internet could deliver at least 10Mb speed.
I am an electrical engineer - where can I find a design guide?
You can find it here!
Is it possible to connect the door phone to the resident app?
It is possible. The door phone is one of the many features of the resident app and it is up to the buyer to decide which features to include in the service package. Expanding and customizing the service package is easy by contacting our sales team!

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