Efficient resident communication with Digital Notice Board

Enhance your communication with your residents with a digital notice board. A remotely updatable information board reminds residents of important issues affecting the whole building.

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Modern staircase display

Effective and timely communication

The staircase display is usually the first thing you notice when entering a staircase. Important information and messages reach residents in an immediately visible way, which helps to ensure that important information does not go unnoticed by residents.

A lot of time is saved in sharing and updating information

The digital staircase display is a cost-effective solution for communication in a property. In digital format, information can be easily and quickly updated as needed. It saves the property manager a lot of time by eliminating the need to print and take paper information to the property.

Display view can be customised according to your wishes

It is up to the housing association to decide on the content of the staircase display. The content could be news, a list of residents, weather information, local traffic, maintenance contact details, a sauna booking calendar or any other important information! You can also use different themes.

Digital notice board reaches all residents

The company can decide on the content of the display and customise the content in the Komu control panel.
Customised to your own branding
Public transport availability at a glance
Update your list of residents remotely
Latest news from the housing association
Latest news

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