Digital Booking Calendar: Efficiency and User-Friendliness

August 10, 2023

1. A digital booking calendar provides a user-friendly way to book spaces

The easy booking process and real-time availability check provide a user-friendly way to book spaces. Residents can browse available time slots and make reservations at any time, without the need to call, visit the property manager's office, or write reservations in a physical booking book. This saves time and effort for both residents and the property manager.

The electronic reservation system also displays the real-time availability of the spaces, allowing residents to quickly check if their desired space is free at the desired time. This reduces the number of unnecessary reservations and helps optimize the utilization of the spaces.

2. Access control can be integrated with the booking calendar

Lock and sauna heater integrations can be implemented with the reservation calendar to further facilitate the management of the spaces. This allows residents to easily access the sauna during their reserved time slots, and the sauna heater can be preheated specifically for the reservations.

3. The use of paid spaces is charged at the time of reservation

Payment integration allows for the direct charging of the paid spaces at the time of reservation. The payment can be made using Apple Pay or debit/credit cards. This eliminates the need for separate invoicing, ensuring a smooth and secure payment process.

4. The booking calendar can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer

The reservation calendar and its settings are tailored to meet the customer's specific needs. Settings such as available time slots for booking spaces or items, maximum number of reservations, pricing, recurring time slots, exception schedules, and dates are customized to suit the requirements.

The property manager can, for example, set rules and restrictions for reservations, and the system can automatically approve or reject bookings based on these rules. This reduces manual work for the property manager and speeds up the reservation process.

5. Automatic reminders and notifications can be easily integrated into the booking calendar

Cancellations and modifications to reserved time slots are easier to manage through the digital system. The electronic reservation system can send automatic reminders of bookings to both residents and the property manager. This helps prevent forgotten reservations and keeps all parties informed of upcoming events or changes.

6. Clear summaries and reporting can be provided in the booking system

The property manager can use the electronic reservation system to review all made bookings and obtain a clear overview of space usage. This can help better plan future events or needs and provide reports to the board or residents.

Overall, the electronic reservation calendar streamlines the booking process, reduces manual work, and improves communication between residents and the property manager. It facilitates space management in housing associations and brings flexibility to residents' daily lives.

Komu Homes booking calendar - all of the housing association's shared spaces in one place

One of the features of the Komu Homes resident application is a digital reservation calendar. The digital reservation calendar brings convenience to both residents and the property manager's life! Booking is easy to do through the Komu app, and the availability of the desired space is updated in real-time. Managing reservations becomes much more efficient as they are always up-to-date and automated.

Furthermore, lock and sauna heater integrations can be incorporated into the reservation calendar. This allows residents to access the sauna during their reserved time slots, and the sauna heater can be automatically heated for the bookings.

The Komu Homes resident application's digital reservation calendar simplifies the booking process, enhances management efficiency, and offers additional integrations for a seamless experience.

You can forget about handwritten reservation calendars, as well as the need for staff resources for tasks such as access control, sauna heating, reservation management, or fee collection. If necessary, the reservation calendar can be customized for any space or item, such as electric bikes for a housing association. Other settings, such as available time slots, maximum number of reservations, pricing, recurring time slots, exception schedules, and dates, can all be tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer.

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