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Komu Homes offers artificial intelligence to support tenant customer service
January 4, 2024

Artificial intelligence solutions are evolving at an unprecedented pace, and they have a significant impact on productivity, services, and their quality in many industries, including real estate.

"There are several processes in the real estate industry where AI can achieve a significant efficiency advantage compared to current practices. In the future, AI solutions will transform a large part of the industry's processes," says Elias Örmä, founder of Komu Homes.

One of these processes is customer service, and for this purpose, we have developed Komu AI.

Three Reasons Why Customer Service Should Be Enhanced with AI

  1. Residents receive personalized customer service in all languages, at any time
  2. AI can serve each resident personally, for example, in handling fault situations and questions regarding room reservations
  3. Resources previously used for customer service can be redirected to value-adding work

Customer Service is Key to Improving Resident Satisfaction

The most important factors in resident satisfaction are the availability, speed, and quality of customer service. The background work of customer service requires a lot of resources, including manpower, and a large part of the time is wasted running systems.

With Komu AI, we can enhance daily customer service together and offer residents the best possible service experience. We have developed a solution that allows us to allocate current customer service resources to value-adding tasks.

AI Can Improve Customer Service Both Qualitatively and Timely

Quick responses to customer service requests can be obtained with automatically created responses. The AI-created response can be modified as needed, which helps it learn to respond more accurately in the future. This enables significantly more efficient customer service.

With Komu AI, residents receive comprehensive answers to their questions around the clock. AI is capable of responding to apartment-specific questions, such as checking rental situations. The resident can converse in their native language, ensuring the best possible service experience.

The implementation of the service has been made very effortless and does not require a large software project. Below is a draft of the division of responsibilities:


  • Decision on the features to be implemented
  • Data compilation for AI training

Komu Homes

  • AI training with provided materials
  • AI updates
  • Training for the implementation of AI

If you are interested in piloting and a broader product presentation, please contact us!

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