KomuDoor doorphone system combines the benefits of both traditional and IP-based doorphones

August 10, 2023

A door phone is nowadays one of the most significant security features in residential buildings. At Komu, we introduce you to a new generation door phone, KomuDoor. It makes living and property management easy and effortless!

Door phone system has a significant impact on resident satisfaction and safety

Installing a door phone system is usually a decision made by the residential building and the majority of apartment buildings in Finland still operate without one. There are undoubtedly several factors for this, but the biggest contributing factor is certainly the high cost. Instead of making an expensive investment, code and key lock systems have often been sufficient.

However, the absence of a door phone system has significant implications for resident satisfaction and safety. It is practical for visitors to have the ability to enter the building without a key, but preventing vandalism and theft are reasons why access rights should be restricted. Without a door phone system, access control is more challenging because residents of the residential building have the right to pass on the door code, for example, on online flea markets and food delivery services, and the code can easily be spread to a large number of people.

A door phone system makes access control easier by enabling the identification of residents and visitors before entry. It provides residents with a more secure feeling of privacy, as they know that only those individuals who are authorized to enter can do so.

Comparison of Wired Intercom System vs IP-based System

Intercom systems can be categorized into traditional wired systems and internet-based IP systems. In Finland, the traditional wired system still covers about 90% of the solutions and has been proven to be a reliable and functional system. However, installing the system typically requires extensive cabling and separate response devices for each apartment, which can easily drive up the overall cost and make system upgrades less feasible.

About 10 years ago, an IP-based alternative was introduced to the market, offering a wireless and internet-based solution. When a visitor rings the intercom, the resident receives a call on their phone via the internet. The IP-based solution can be up to 5 times cheaper than its wired counterpart, but it has not yet gained a leading market position globally. This can be explained by two factors: the additional management of the resident register, which creates extra and unnecessary work for the property management or maintenance, and the fact that older residents may not be well served by a system that only works with a smartphone.

The KomuDoor doorphone system combines the benefits of both traditional and IP-based doorphones

KomuDoor is a completely Finnish IP-based system built by Komu, which combines the best features of both types of doorphones. KomuDoor is a modern and affordable option that everyone can use. Expensive cabling or answer devices are not needed, as the task is handled by a smartphone. Because you can answer with a smartphone, you can communicate with visitors even if you're not at home.

In addition to the doorphone itself, the system includes a mobile application through which opening the door is convenient. The older population has also been taken into account, as it is possible to open the door with a regular phone call instead of a mobile app, and if necessary, installation of the terminal device in the apartment is also possible.

Compared to other IP-based phones, we are the most modern option because we automate changes in the resident lists, making it easier for property managers to do their work manually.

Contact us and we can together find out if KomuDoor is suitable for your property!

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