We help making your housing association modern, ecological and safe.

With Komu's services, reservations, access management, and communication of the housing company's common areas are handled digitally and in a resident-friendly way, making the housing company a more comfortable place to live.

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Keep residents up to date on common issues

Digital communication reaches out to residents. Komu's resident app and digital staircase display solve the problems of resident accessibility and make it easy and straightforward to contact different parties. Current issues concerning the housing association are available to everyone.

Reduce your housing company's energy consumption

The Komu app allows residents to monitor their water, electricity and heat consumption in real time. The app can be integrated with apartment-specific consumption meters, making it easy for residents to reduce their daily consumption, thus making the entire building more ecological.

Modernise access control

Make your property modern with the KomuDoor wireless door phone. Residents will be able to see who is at the door via video, making the building even more secure. It makes living more comfortable when you can open the door from anywhere, anytime!

Take advantage of the full capacity of shared spaces with the booking calendar

Through the reservation calendar, all the common areas of the building are available for residents to reserve. One-off bookings allow you to reserve spaces for an acute need - recurring bookings provide security, for example, in the form of a traditional Saturday night sauna shift.

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